"Our Mission is to produce modern publishing to help all children read."

Good for helping reading problems

Our books are printed with the Open Dyslexic Font by Abelardo Gonzales. This font has every character in the alphabet, so it is unique. This helps readers who are dyslexic not get letters turned upside down or backwards. Every letter is unique and does not look like any other letter in the alphabet.

Good for ALL young readers

Our books are written just like any other children's books when it comes to plot and illustrations. Any child will enjoy reading these exciting stories. They are full of exciting tales, such as but not limited to: knights, dragons, cowboys, astronauts, and super heroes. Children will stay engaged from beginning to end in these exciting tales.


Many books are now using the Open Dyslexic Font. However, we don't stop there. We make sure the whole book is formatted for easy reading. This means we do not ever cut off sentences at end with a hyphen (-). We start a new line. We also use special tints on each page, so readers can easily see the text. All of these aspects are equally as important in printing books that are easy for any child to read.


All of our books are original tales carefully crafted by talented writers. We do not just take classics and reprint them in Open Dyslexic Font. We are a company focused on providing new and unique reading material that will engage any early reader no matter their reading ability. Our mission at Amazing Books is to "Never Stop Being Amazing!" in anything we do so we take the time needed to make every book we put out simply amazing so any child at any reading level can enjoy it.


A good read and shows how much of an imagination kids can have and how they can have fun with just about anything. The book also has some great artwork and the has a good flow with the writing. Looking forward to seeing more books in this series and also what other kids come up with for their own Johnny the Amazing stories.


Good read to remind adults just how imaginative kids are and a great read for kids to promote their daily adventures and problem solving skills.

Eric Koening

This is a very sweet book! It is in a dyslexia font. The story itself is very fun.

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